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"root": true,
"extends": [
// ESLint typescript rules
"plugins": [
// required to apply rules which need type information
"parserOptions": {
"project": "./tsconfig.eslint.json"
// add your custom rules here
"rules": {
"no-param-reassign": "off",
"no-void": "off",
"no-nested-ternary": "off",
"max-classes-per-file": "off",
"no-shadow": "off",
"@typescript-eslint/no-shadow": "error",
"import/first": "off",
"import/named": "error",
"import/namespace": "error",
"import/default": "error",
"import/export": "error",
"import/extensions": "off",
"import/no-unresolved": "off",
"import/no-extraneous-dependencies": "off",
"import/prefer-default-export": "off",
"prefer-promise-reject-errors": "off",
"quotes": [
"warn", "single",
"avoidEscape": true
// this rule, if on, would require explicit return type on the `render` function
"@typescript-eslint/explicit-function-return-type": "off",
// in plain CommonJS modules, you can't use `import foo = require('foo')` to pass this rule, so it has to be disabled
"@typescript-eslint/no-var-requires": "off",
// The core 'no-unused-vars' rules (in the eslint:recommended ruleset)
// does not work with type definitions
"no-unused-vars": "off",
// allow console
"no-console": "off",
// allow underscore for privates
"no-underscore-dangle": "off",
// allow plusplus in coding style
"no-plusplus": "off",
// max-len not affect coding style effectivity
"max-len": [
"code": 100,
"ignoreComments": true,
"ignoreUrls": true,
"ignoreStrings": true,
"ignoreTemplateLiterals": true,
"ignoreRegExpLiterals": true