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DLT = Discord-Linux Tools

These collection aims to provide useful (or not) tools for dlinux users

How to use this?


git clone https://git.ssh.surf/Cyber/dlt /root/dlt
  1. Go to /root/dlt
  2. Find a script that you want and execute it

Want to create a tool for others?

  1. Fork the repo
  2. Add your tool
  3. Create a pull request

Here are some rules:

  1. Only one script per pull request
  2. Try not to install packages that are not required by your script
  3. Put temporary files into /tmp and clean them after execution
  4. Use variables for things that can change
  5. Make sure your script is executable (chmod +x)
  6. Make sure your script works in non-TTY mode (for usage within Discord) if possible