bot for monitoring EVM gas fees
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Gwei Alert Bot


This repo contains Docker build files for a Discord bot built with Node.js and utilizes a composed Redis container for storage.


  • Docker + Docker Compose
  • A Discord bot token
  • A EVM RPC endpoint URL (websocket enabled) OR a local node running at localhost:8545 (using docker host network mode)


  1. Clone the repository to your local machine
git clone
  1. Create a .env file in the root of the project and add the following environment variables:
RPC_URL=<your rpc url>
DISCORD_BOT_TOKEN=<your discord bot token>
DISCORD_CLIENT=<your discord client ID>
  1. Run the Docker container
docker compose up -d

Rebuilding with new changes

  1. Stop the running bot and remove container by same name
docker compose down
  1. Pull the new work
git pull
  1. Build and Run
docker compose up -d --build

Environment Variables

The following environment variables must be set in either .env or docker-compose.yml in order for the bot to function properly:

  • RPC_URL: Your RPC url
  • DISCORD_BOT_TOKEN: the Oauth2 token for your Discord bot.
  • DISCORD_CLIENT: the client ID for your Discord bot. (app ID)