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Respository for a bot that counts how many times the word has been said and reacts to every message with the letters in it.

Updated 3 days ago

ever since i discovered've wanted to make something. i finally #nuttedUp

Updated 2 years ago

Telegram bot for controlling spam, logging, and more

Updated 15 hours ago

Compose stack of discord bots with redis db

Updated 2 weeks ago

Simple bot to relay messages between servers.

Updated 3 weeks ago

This Helm chart deploys a LLaMA based chat interface named Serge.

Updated 1 month ago

A discord client bot which interacts with Serge:

Updated 2 months ago

Pi in C99 but it's horribly inaccurate and I spend too much time on this.

Updated 2 years ago

Making using the Minecraft console a breeze!

Updated 1 month ago

Base for Ping/Ping Matrix

Updated 2 years ago

Allow 2 llama bots to talk to each other on 2 separate nodes

Updated 4 weeks ago

A peer to peer music sharing command line application

Updated 5 months ago

bot for monitoring EVM gas fees

Updated 3 weeks ago

Golang phish table updater

Updated 4 months ago Golang api examples

Updated 4 months ago

Wait, Gitea Actions? How?

Updated 2 months ago

Dotfiles used in my Linux setup

Updated 2 months ago