Golang phish table updater
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A free to use update tool which checks phish.sinking.yachts database. It adds all domains found after custom domains are added. If not needed they can be commented or removed.

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To install this package you can use one of the below.

git clone https://git.codingvm.codes/ultimateplayer1999/Golang-phish-update.git (Use this one if you do not have SSH keys linked.)

git clone git@git.codingvm.codes:ultimateplayer1999/Golang-phish-update.git

To install the needed external packages use the following commands.

go get github.com/joho/godotenv
go get github.com/cheggaaa/pb/v3
go get github.com/go-sql-driver/mysql

The following code is needed in a .env. This is for the DB connection.


This is based on the phish table. Table can also be changed if needed.

Execution time is 1h26m19.334785368s. This was for 18876 records.

Sample output with provided code:

Script started at 12-01-2023 13:49:59
Deletion: Number of rows affected: 59
Altering: Number of rows affected: 0
Insert: Number of rows affected: 1
Insert: Number of rows affected: 1
Status code dbsize endpoint:  200
12-01-2023 13:50:00: Initial database table setup done
Status code:  200
18876 / 18876 [-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->] 100%
Total number of rows affected: 18876
Recent changes recieved and has been added to the database. Removed domains deleted from database. Reorded domains.
Script ended at 12-01-2023 15:16:19
Time until completion:  1h26m19.334785368s


The binary may need to be rebuild. As it is build on Ubuntu and it may also depends on how you installed Golang.