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Discord-Linux Discord.JS v14 Base Template

Only 3 dependencies required to run this bot!

Message intents are NOT supported in this bot, this is due to the verification that Discord is enabling.


commands - This folder contains commands

event - This folder contains files related to discord.js events. (Like "ready", "interactionCreate")

handler - This folder contains files that read the commands folders contents.

index.js - This is the main file to run the bot.

  1. Use npm i

  2. Create a .env file touch .env

  3. Edit .env

TOKEN = token
  1. Go to Handler -- > index.js and change "GUIDIDHERE" to your Discord Server's Guild ID

  2. Go into and enable Privileged Intents.

  3. Run the bot node index.js

Want to make this better? Issue a pull request!